Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on our theater company

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know what's up. Right now I am looking for a place to do our rehearsals and shows. I just could not come up with the money to continue at the Strand. There is another theater company working through the Strand but that is not the Imaginatory Theater Company. Some of you contacted me with info about that show and I thought it would be best to let everyone know here.

I don't exactly know when but auditions for the other theater company are coming up and they are doing Annie Jr. I was told the audition fee is $85. That's all I know for sure. That and our family can't afford to do that.

This summer I have been hired to teach theater camp at Dance Fusion in Fogelsville. Let me know what you are up to. Maybe at least we can have a get together of some sort. I was also thinking of a trip into NYC to see a show. Check with your parents and give me some feedback.

I will keep you posted on my location search. If you have any suggestions or leads please, please let me know. I miss working with all of you sooo much.

Mrs. V.