Friday, May 25, 2007

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to auditions. You were all amazing and made my job casting the show really difficult. It’s exciting to see how much talent we have.
Here is the cast list for The Emporer’s New Clothes:

Cast List
Character Actor

Alena the Minstrel ----Allison B
Emporer ----Joseph M
Dr. Smith ----Tyler P
Dr. Jones---- Derek M
Dr. Drivtonsils ----Connor K
Jeremy ----Jeff B
Trudy---- Danika G
Talula ----Brittney H
Desmona ----Kelia S
EsterHazie---- Elizabeth V
Lena ----Arica K
Empress -----Laura A
Sgt. Neener -----Ty S.
Miss Penelope Method---- Vanessa L
Cordelia Gleedrival----- Maddie A
Mr. Wart----- Nick V
Mr. Hog -----Geoffrey M
Very Old Woman -----Marissa L
Small Girl -----Samantha H
Mother -----Drew M
Serenada -----Maddie R
Mona Lisa ------Emmeline K
Donielle----- Danae M
Catalina------ Genevieve S
Owliva ------Natalie S
Townspeople------ Heather N. Alex V Madison R. Brandon N.
Sarah V Cali S. Brittany S
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, conflicts or concerns.

Congratulations to a great cast!

Mrs. V. and Mrs. Haag

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