Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Congratulatins to the cast of Christmas Classic

A great big thank you to everyone who came out to auditions and to all the
parents who brought you. Once again the job of casting this show was soooo
hard. You are all very talented and we are honored to be working with you.
God is good.

Below is the cast list for Classic Christmas. Before you jump down to see
what part you got we have a little business. When you are finished reading this please hit reply and let me know you received it (thanks : ))

Please be at the theater tomorrow by 5 pm to pick up scripts and have a read-through. We will finish
by 7 pm. Parents are always welcome to stay and listen.

The cost for the script is $5 per cast member. You will have until Oct. 4th
to memorize your lines completely. Please work on this. The sooner lines
are memorized the easier it will be for all of us. We will replace cast
members who do not memorize their lines by the Oct 4th deadline.

You will also be receiving a rehearsal schedule so please bring your
calendars so we can work around any conflicts.

If you have any questions or need to talk to me ( Mrs. V. ) I will be home until about noon tomorrow 610-756-4194 or email me at I'll check my email before I run out.

Okay, here it is.... our cast for Classic Christmas!
Congratulations Everyone!

Mrs. V & Mrs. Haag & the casting committee



Narrator- tells the story from her point of view - Danika Gallatin

Alice – narrator’s friend, girl who always played Mary -Emmeline Knowlan

Mother - a bit overwhelmed but determined - Madison Reeder

Father- supportive - Nick Vogelgesang

Ralph –oldest, plays Joseph - Jeff Baker

Imogene – plays Mary, most affected by story - Heather Noecker

brothers who play 3 wise men
Leroy, -Brandon Noecker

Claude, Connor Knowlan


Gladys – youngest and meanest – plays angel - Sarah Vogelgesang


Ghost of Christmas Present – Narrator friendly, generous - Alison Bair

Ebenezer Scrooge: a mean, tightfisted man - Geoffrey Mikucki

Bob Cratchit-hardworking pleasant father - Nicholas Vogelgesang

Mrs. Cratchit-devoted wife, mother - Olivia Moy

Martha - oldest daughter - 18, lives away from home - Bethany Moy

Peter-oldest son, desires to be like father

Belinda-next daughter - 16, mother’s right arm - Brittany Haag

Jane- energetic daughter - 11 - Samantha Haag

Alice – shy daughter - 10 - Lydia Nester

Tiny Tim- a lame boy with a cheerful nature despite his ailments. - Alexander Vogelgesang

Jo – 15 energetic & rebellious - Arica Kurtz

Meg – 16 ladylike older sister - Vanessa Long

Beth – 13 shy gentle, pianist - Natalie Starke

Amy – 12, baby, artistic, self-centered - Genevieve Starke

Marmee- ever patient, wise mother - Allison Bair

Mr. March-father, Union army chaplain - William Turley

Hannah-housekeeper, Irish immigrant - Brittany Haag


Della Pretty young woman, newly married and proud of her husband - Elizabeth Vogelgesang

Jim Husband of Della,.eager to provide the best for his wife - Joseph Mikucki

Mr. Crockerty-Jim’s boss - Geoffrey Mikucki

Madame Sofronie-owns the local hair-goods shop, - Joelle Boehm

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the glorified donut said...

this is gonna be fun...

arica said...

hey everybody i got jo this is gonna be awesome

Joseph said...

looonnnggg blog, but it's all good! Today went well. I can't wait to do this!

Imaginatory Theater said...

What can I say, your director likes to chat : )

I'm so glad to be working with all of you again.