Thursday, October 4, 2007

We are officialy registered for the King Frost Parade.

Hi all,
I sent in our registration form and fee for the King Frost Parade today. I'm counting on you all to be there with your creativity and smiles.

Anyone willing to make some big posters to advertise our Christmas show on the float?
Mrs. V.


vogieairman said...

Cool, hope everyone who's coming is prepared. Anybody got ideas for trailer decorations?

Livie said...

Mm... Poster... hm... I would actuall love to draw something for that if you were looking for "cartoony"... but I'm sure you want something with a little more serious-ness to it, am I right?

Livie said...

xD The first thing that came to mind when you said "Trailer decorations" was "Oh! We get our own trailers!?"

That's pretty bad of me...

Anyway, like I said, we got's them there Christmas lights in white an' gold if ya'll want 'em.

If anybody had old garden statues we could paint them gold and go for an "Oscar" look... A red carpet would be awesome too. xD That, or the equivalent thereof. Like red----I dunno, something to put of the floor. I'm just chucking around idea's... help me out here! =D

Imaginatory Theater said...

I love it garden statues